The PASSPORT Circuit

Asbury Park: Road Trip 8


Currently it is 87°F in New York City with 50% humidity. As we leave the office, board our trains and busses home to our not air conditioned apartments, we may question why we live in this city. Pondering this urban dilemma, we’ll remember that it’s summer. Summers are happy. Time for the beach, boys, and Slurpees and what better place than New Jersey to get all these fine July accessories. This weekend, tri-state area gays flock south to Asbury Park, New Jersey for their infamous Road Trip 8 party. Asbury has quite a rough history. It was once the queen of East Coast resort towns, but after some bad luck, it looked more like a vacant lot, rather than a tourist destination. Today, with the help of some homo-fication, it is bouncing back to its former self. Gay-owned business like the “Campy…Sexy…Cool…” novelty store Etc, and a sleuth of new gay bars like Paradise and Georgie’s have brought new life and energy to the area.


Nothing embodies the city’s revival quite like the Road Trip party. The three-day party attracts a diverse group  of gays and lesbians. Guidos, skaters, and muscle heads party side by side at the weekends most popular events. The Friday kick-off party Lost at Sea and the fashion show hosted by Amanda Lepore are musts. Recover on Saturday on the beach and when the hangover is just about gone, the party Dance on the Beach starts at 7 P.M. Don’t Leave to Early on Sunday, stick around for the tea dance.

How to go:

Take the NJ Transit train from New York Penn Station. Travel to the Asbury Park Station. Will take approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Where to Stay:

Mikell’s Big House Bed and Breakfast this gay-friendly hotel is not your average bed and breakfast. Modern interior with large rooms and as the website promises, “No Doilies!” Weekend packages range from $160-$260.

Hotel Tides epitomizes the rebirth of Asbury Park. Any gay visitor will take delight in the beautifully renovated hotel. Enjoy an art gallery, pool, restaurant, and spa. Rooms range from $950$295

For more gay happenings in Asbury Park check out their gay travel website, Gay Asbury Park.


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