Billy Flynn’s Westchester Hideaway

richard_gere_1916830Richard Gere has become the latest celebrity to dip his feet into the rough waters of the hospitality industry. It is nothing new for celebrities to buy hotel properties, everyone from Francis Ford Coppola to Jason Priestly already have staked a claim. Gere, though, has created a comfortable abode, minutes outside of New York City, that mixes both upstate charm with Hollywood sophistication. The Bedford Post Inn is an eight-room bed and breakfast, located in Bedford, New York. It began taking room reservations yesterday, but if it is too hard to book a room, show up and enjoy the two restaurants or even take a $20  yoga class in the inn’s attic. Just think, for just $20 you may catch a glimpse of Gere himself.


We wonder if Richard Gere and Kate Pierson are going to swap up-state New York inn stories?


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  1. I’ve been to the restaurant–it is a fantastic, country gentleman-esque, relaxed meal–amazing comfort food, nice wine list, brutal (in a good way) pastry counter on the way out…and Richard was there that night–always a plus

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